Quit Porn

With The Power of Screen Accountability

Accountability Software

The three best software to help you keep yourself and your family safe and free from pornography. These software can help you break the pornography cycle, and help you become responsible and be honest with yourself, and with your spiritual director or the person who you will choose to share the weekly-monthly reports. Breaking the cycle of pornography helps you connect with others, restores confidence and peace in your heart, breaks the cycle of shame, and helps you restore your sexual and emotional potential.

Secure: Blurred screenshots are sent via HTTPS and stored using 256-bit AES encryption, which will be sent to the person you have chosen to share your journey of freedom with. Screenshots will always be sent blurry. (no nudity scenes will be revealed).

Confidentiality: Screenshots are blurry to protect your personal information and only shared with the person that you have chosen.

Comprehensive: Screen Accountability provides a more holistic view of what you watch on your screens. If you see it, we can catch it. 😉

Money-back guarantee: if you are not satisfied with the service, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of your subscription.

Freedom: it is the best app dedicated to the family, to keep children free from pornography, from nudity. You will be able to block apps on the smartphone of your children. You can monitor the time spent on social media, all searches online, videos watched on YouTube, calls and messages read. Also, you can see and monitor where is physically your child. 

Complete: it is an inexpensive, simple, but powerful app with many functionalities.

Disclaimer: The tricks like clearing browser history with Everaccountable doesn’t work!  All your content that is flagged as suspicious will be highlighted.
In addition, instant alerts will be sent regarding viewing of materials that are blacklisted or even alerts regarding uninstall attempts. The person that you have chosen and who will help you on this journey of freedom will be able to view the reports at any time.

Freedom: Everaccountable is one of the best filters! You will be able to browse on internet as usual, but the person you have chosen will receive regolary reports.

Easy: The app is very simple to set up and has excellent customer support.

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